Saturday, June 8, 2019

SATURDAY for sure?

Wow!  I just barely press the send button for my blog posting until it is time to do it again.

A heads up to all interested in the Santa Tags Online Mystery Class by Strictly Christmas - invoices have been sent and are being processed.  If you think you are registered for this class and have not received an invoice, email me right away at  All invoices that have been processed have been invited to the secret Facebook page - be sure to join for that is where the lessons will be posted.  Let me know if you did not receive your invitation.

For those of you who might be interested, there is still plenty of time to register.  Just send me an email to and we'll get you fixed right up!  Lots of fun stuff going on on this one.

Next week we will be posting the monthly lessons for those classes currently in session.  Stay tuned for some sneak peeks.

Are you registered for our new class to begin mid-August?  Just a Sip is going to be a hoot!

Do you think there might be some beads in this one?  How about ribbons?  Oh dear!  Again, just shoot off an email to if you would like to be added to the notification list.

I don't know what is going on out there in cyber space but for some reason we are getting an influx of orders for our Shapes of Needlepoint Books!  Not complaining mind you.  It just amazes me how sometimes things just go in spurts! These diagrams are suitable for counted and painted canvases.

Maybe it's the large, well-marked diagrams that are the draw.

Hop over to our Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra - and see the multiple purchase deal we have in place.

Don't forget there is still time to register for classes at the ANG Seminar being help in Houston this August.  Go have a look at the classes that are available.  We would love to see you there. - look under events and go from there.  You can register online.

Have a great weekend!

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Sorry. Probably the orders are my fault. I mentioned your Shapes series to someone at NP Nation who wanted books that give the size of various stitches. I thought yours fit the bill and….

Mea culpa