Saturday, February 2, 2019


Man I gotta do something to kick this production into gear!  I cannot fall behind!  I have so much to do and I enjoy doing it - I just can't seem to actually do it!  I am sitting in my recliner with lots of projects around me - as one friend says "Sandy, it looks like needlepoint threw up in your house!"  So it's not like there is nothing to do nor that it needs to be dug out from somewhere.  I'm just in a blah mood.

One positive thing, however, is that I have a beautiful wood burning fire going 24/7.  Hubby drags out into the cold to make sure the wood is close by handy and keeps the supply ready to throw on as needed.

I never was a fan of cold weather.  I think snow is beautiful as long as I don't have to go out in it! Being raised in the mountains of West Virginia Appalachia we certainly had our share of cold weather.  And having livestock to tend we never had the option to just snuggle in the house around the warm morning stove.  Doesn't matter - I still never learned to like this type weather.

We are blessed though as what we have is nothing in comparison to many of you a little further north and west.  I admire their grit and know that I am being a wimpy old lady.

On a more pleasant side, we were able to get all our ducks in a row in preparation for our upcoming classes in Philly at Rittenhouse and in DE at Stitch-Stash.  Rittenhouse has all the information they need from me and they are ready to take registrations.  I have been receiving some nice notes from students letting me know they will see me there.  We are doing several techniques classes there.

One class covers beading on needlework.

Another features different hairdos for needlepoint.

And a third is on What to do with Ribbons and Such.

Rittenhouse Needlepoint
New Address:
1216 Arch St #2A
Phila., PA 19107

Just a couple hours away at Stitch-Stash in Rehoboth, DE we will share this wonderful red-white-blue basket.  I love this piece and am enjoying stitching it.

Additionally we will be doing a pilot class (condensed version) of an upcoming class called Conventional Techniques Using Unconventional Resources.  Quite fun.  

For Details - Call Patti at 302-569-0063


My, my!  This stitching cruise is going full steam ahead.  We are thrilled with the number of participants coming with us.  Why don't you review the brochure and also join us.  I know there are still some staterooms available so check with our agent Liz at and see if there is one that will suit you.  The hotel has long sold out and they are scrambling getting others for our use while we are in Rome since some of us are doing extra days - a good problem I think (agents might not think so from the standpoint of work - lol).  

Every day that I pick up the brochure I see something else that I think I might want to experience.  So many choices.  As I said earlier though, Hubby and I are perfectly content to just enjoy the ship and the adventures that are in a leisurely walk from the docking area.  There is so much that is available for us.  I have never been down in the Mediterranean other than in Rome, and he was there in the early 50's while serving during the Korean Conflict.  Things might have changed a little!


Registration is ongoing for any and all of the 2019 Online Mystery Classes.  Next up will be the second of the Butterfly Quickie Series.

We are in the process of finalizing the prices and then we will share the kit costs to those who have indicated an interest in the class.  There is still time to join us.  We will continue to take registrations until we deplete our limited number of canvases.  Email at

ETSY Shop (DuoDesignsbySandra)

We recently added a new Stitch Guide to our Etsy Shop.  Glamour from Penny MacLeod.  Oh the bling!  I know she will be fun to stitch.  Hop over and look over the various stitch guides that we have posted.  We also feature surplus canvases from various classes.  

We try to add new stuff weekly but so far I am falling down on the job!  Hopefully I'll get better.

I think I'll hang it up for this week.  Stay safe and warm.  Until next time . . . . 

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