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NOTICE:  Butterfly Quickie Kits have been mailed!  Keep a watch for yours to arrive soon.

I don't know if any of you have picked up on it or not but I am not a fan of cold weather.  Beautiful snow is fine as long as I do not have to go out in it. I do also have the luxury of a fantastic fireplace that hubby keeps going (his full time job is to keep firewood cut and hauled in). I always say I was supposed to be a Polynesian Princess but my mother goofed up along the way.  But all in all it hasn't been too bad. Here on our 'baby farm' as the realtor called it almost 40 years ago (excuse to charge $$$$ for an extra large yard) we have the luxury of having our snow left pristine.  We can watch or see where bunnies have played, squirrels are hopping around, the raccoons, opossums, and an occasional fox come to play. The cardinals are storybook pretty on the fence.  What I don't like is when it starts to get dirty and muddy - ugh!  But that come with it - right?

New introductions in our Etsy Shop - one new stitch guide and one new extra canvas.

PLEASE MARK OUR SHOP AS A FAVORITE.  I believe it assists in moving us up in the search que. Thanks!  Shop at   DuoDesignsbySandra

Catitudes stitch guide is for a JP Needlepoint design that was an Online Mystery Class that just finished up this past summer.  It kinda fudged ahead because of special requests for the guide.  This is a 22 page guide and is a digital download - buyers will download a pdf from which to print the pages. You'll find this stitch guide under "Stitch Guides" in our Etsy Shop.  See other offerings as well at our shop - DuoDesignsbySandra at (I think you need to go there first then search for the shop name).

Also added is this oldie.  I loved this Maggie piece and purchased it to do at a class.  As fate would have it something else caught my eye along the way and this ended up in the bottom of a drawer.  Just found it while looking for something else.  (Of course that has never happened to you before I bet.)  The Santa design is approximately 10.5" x 15" and handpainted on 18ct canvas. You will find this canvas under 'Canvases' section in our Etsy Shop.

Now isn't this a happy piece!  You have to smile the whole time you are working on it. So bright and colorful.  Please come get it before I change my mind and pull it.

I will try to add at least one new item each week.

FACE-2-FACE CLASSES - Look at all these great offers - I'm excited - Great start 2019!

Needle Nook of LaJolla will be here before we know it.  This retreat is embellishment projects and is generally sold out right away.  It never hurts to check, however, because life always gets in the way and maybe this is your year.  Just give the gals a call and check the status - there are 5 teachers so maybe there will be a slot in one of them.  

                                                                               Needle Nook of La Jolla
                                                           7715 & 7719 Fay Ave
                                                           La Jolla, Ca 92037

Then, the first week in April - 4-5-6 - I get to play at Rittenhouse in Philadelphia!  I haven't taught there in their new location so I'm very excited.  They are hosting three (3) one-day techniques classes.
One will be on hair dos - and we'll use the Can Do Hairdos book as our stitch guide.

The second one-day class is Beading on Needlework.  We will work with all types of beads.  Various ways to attach beads will be discussed and done.  We'll talk about some do's and don'ts. How to determine whether to double the beading thread or leave single.  Various threads and their uses. There will be some manipulation of various techniques as well.  And I might have a surprise or two thrown in.

Sneak peek at some Beading Exercises

 The third one-day class with be What to do with Ribbons and Such.  This is always a fun class as we work with ribbons, wire, sequins, specialty threads  and who knows what else I find in the kitchen. These are all fun classes and result in much laughter and giggles.

This is a clip from a sample board of a class we did about 7 or 8 years ago.  The first picture shows working with wired ribbon - I think it was called Wonder Ribbon back then.  The second clip shows working with Sparkles from Sundance.  This will be updated for the new sample board.

Contact Russell or Stephen at Rittenhouse to be able to join us.  We will have so much fun!  Would love to see you there.  Email:  Better yet, if you're like me, you can call the store @315-563-4566.  AND even better, they are also running a promotion for 2019 “Bring a friend and get 50% off second enrollment”. I'm not quite sure how they can do that but hey you'll come out smelling like a rose!

Right after Rittenhouse in Philly, we will scoot over to Stitch-Stash in DE. We will be teaching there on April 7, 8, and 9, 2019.  Look at this wonderful project we will be doing.

This colorful piece by Paul Brent is entitled Petunias and Flags.  Well, you know me, I couldn't handle that.  So, I have named my class Flags of Glory. I just couldn't help it. That's what I saw when I saw the canvas.

We'll also have a 1 day techniques class.  Be sure too check with Patti to get all the details at or phone 302-569-0063. And guess what? She will take ghosts for projects class - ask for details!

Winterthur June 7, 8, 9 - 

This will be a special assignment to me because my partner of Duo Designs, Teresa, will also be teaching.  She has not been able to travel with me for teaching for quite some time.  I'm excited.  Not only is she the other half of Duo Designs she is my daughter as well.  We can't show you the full pictures at this time but she is doing the cutest Snowman and I am doing some wonderful pots.  Can't wait to share more details with you.

Okay that's it for today.  Got lots I want to accomplish today!  Have a great and safe weekend!

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