Saturday, November 17, 2018


You know these postings are getting closer and closer.  So close sometimes that it is scary!  We just started some of these and here we are almost finished with many.

We bid farewell to Moon Gazer, a Brenda Stofft design.

This was an experimental class with a couple of others where we offered to do the lessons every other month instead of monthly.  I think once we are through all these I will go back to the traditional once a month type class except for the special Quickies, etc.

The Pipers are Piping loud and clear on the Raymond Crawford Christmas Stars series.  Can you believe only one more to go?  Unbelievable.

How about those bunnies in Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny from JP Needlepoint?  This time we feature Miss Flower Power.

It is no secret that I am thoroughly enjoying stitching these cuties.

Then we have the third session of the Raymond Crawford Reindeer Series - the Candles Blanket.

Busy month!


We are taking registrations for the upcoming January 2019 Classes - the Penny MacLeod piece - Dana - Life of the Party.

We'll also introduce the first of our new Butterfly Quickie Series from Burnette and Bradley

We hope to share one a month of these 8 beauties.  Each class is all inclusive - handprinted canvas, thread, embellishments and stitching instructions - all in one package!  And we strive to keep each kit $150 or under.  Email to join us at

And the last of the Raymond Crawford Reindeer - Poinsettia Blanket- will begin.

Remember to look at the link on the right for the 2019  Online Mystery Classes Agenda if you would be interested I joining us.  -  For some reason this link isn't working now so scroll down to 9-1-18 posting for the full 2019 Scheduled Agenda.


It is still hard to believe that Stitching Down the Danube is now over and only fond memories.

I so loved my group.  Had many repeaters and several new to our adventures that were special additions as well.  What a great way to see different parts of the world with wonderful people feeling safe and looked after and all have the love of needlework as a gluing foundation!  We have many couples join us and many singles - some even pair up and share a stateroom.  Lots of possibilities.

Please try to consider joining us on our next journey - Mediterranean Stitching Memories 2019.  We will be doing a different cruise line as we need a slightly larger boat for the Mediterranean Sea than our favorite riverboats. But Azamara has the fantastic Pursuit at our disposal and we have heard nothing but great things about her and the company's service.

Join our Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures Facebook page and shoot off any questions you might have regarding travel to our agent Liz - - or stitching questions to me at  We'd so love to have you join us. 

Okay, gotta start thinking about Thanksgiving I believe!  Have a great one everybody (as I stare frowning at the snow on the ground - brrrrr!)

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