Saturday, September 29, 2018


On the outside that is.  On the inside we are feverishly working on tying things together for our upcoming Stitching Down the Danube adventure!  Optional class kits have all be created:

And even supportive hubby has taken them to the post office (in the rain) to be timely forwarded to those waiting anxiously to get their hand on them and play with those Lucious threads.

It is hard to believe that it is almost time!  While planning way back when it seemed like it was forever away!  Now it's like - what - 22 days! (I think.). I prefer to say 3 weeks because it sounds like a little more time to me to get this stuff all rounded up and packed.  Wow. (Will I recognize my dining room table?  I guest bedroom?  My game table? )

Now it is time to get some serious packing done - not for me - for my participants.  We are reviewing, dissecting, plotting and analyzing over the Itinerary that our cruise guru Liz Wolak has put together for us.  I am trying to work in every moment of structured stitching that I can but keeping in mind that we are on an adventure in other countries and that is our first goal. We may only pass this way once - soak it in!  But hey, this trip has been designed (like our last one) to be able to do both to our heart's content. 

The general agenda has us doing our 'touristy' stuff mostly in the morning.  Then we usually head back to the boat for lunch. After that we are pretty much on our own.  In this time we can schedule some exclusive type tours to meet individual desires, take a nap (hubby is the king in that activity), sit in the lounge and snack (notice that I did not say drink because that probably goes without saying with free booze) and just 'watch', or even stitch. 

Generally after lunch is when I have scheduled stitching time.  We have set classes - The Danube - the beaded bracelet - Kumihimo bracelet and I generally throw in some surprises.  But whatever we do, we have a great time:  we renew acquaintances from prior cruises and we make new ones that develop into friendships beyond this event. At any time casual stitching is also encouraged - you are not required to purchase the optional kits to participate.

You should seriously consider joining us on some of our future journeys!  And never hesitate to ask in the groups for feedback from those who have traveled with us before to get an idea of what to expect.  The area you want to go to is Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures and ask to join that Facebook Group.  There you will find information about currently scheduled events and discussions for future ones. Some participants are generous enough to share their experiences to add to the excitement.

Next up is a new event we are testing out.  We get requests for trips that do not cross the 'big waters' - or the pond as my WWI Vet Daddy would refer to.  So we have worked up a wonderful Canadian Rockies Train/Motor Coach Stitching Adventure for this April 24 - May 1, 2019.  We leave from Calgary to Vancouver and we travel through Banff by Lake Louise, etc., viewing the wonders of Mother Nature. There is a brochure available for those who would like additional information.

Email me at or travel agent Liz at for information.  We have a minimum that must be met for this journey and the clock is ticking for the registration deadline.

After that is our Mediterranean Stitching Memories 2019. Holey Moley we are overwhelmed at the positive response to this adventure.  This will take place in October 24 - November 4, 2019.  We begin in Rome and end up in Barcelona.  There is also great interest in adding 2 extra days in Rome, Barcelona or both!  How exciting.  We have a beautiful new ship that will add to our great experience as we stop at numerous ports of call. Be mindful though that this is a smaller ship (I think 650 max) so I am comfortable with the intimacy that our group can still enjoy in this smaller setting on the Sea as opposed to the river.

Contact Liz - to make your reservation to assure you get the stateroom you desire.  As with the last adventure this one will surely sell out.   There is already a roommate request list started so there is fun in store for sure!


Well I must say that my observation indicates that the Dallas Market was a tremendous success!  I am so envious.  Circumstances have prevented my attending but I am hopeful that I can work it in next year.  I'm considering pieces to teach now so we'll see between that and the calendar if I can make it work.  Fingers crossed.

But look what arrived out of that venue - THE GOSSIPS!

This cutie from Strictly Christmas is in my itching hands (I meant stitching hands) as we speak! The design area is approximately 6 x 18 on 18ct canvas.  I shared with you last time (I think) that I was adding this to the 2019 Agenda.  I also told you that the calendar was full BUT - I'm a woman and we do reserve the right to change our minds right?  I mean, after all, how could we possibly turn away these cuties.  The shop that is going to kit this for me made the statement that there was a ton of stuff going on in this.  I agree.  And it will likely require a ton of threads - but just look at it!  Oh goodness me - can't wait.  Just email me at if you want included on the notification list.  These munchkins are scheduled to begin mid-May! My embellishment mind is going crazy!

Okay - gotta get back to packing and preparing.  Have a great week!

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