Saturday, September 15, 2018


What a fun trip.  We are here with a wonderful group of stitchers working on the lovely Winter Cardinal from Maggie.  We have been here since Thursday.  And yes, it rained yesterday!

I was given a lovely bouquet of roses and it even had a cardinal in it!  How appropriate was that?

The Space Needlers are a fantastic group of stitchers.  They ask wonderful questions, listen well and even take out stitches without too much fuss if needed.  

This is a photo of the wonderful Kay Fite who put this all together for us with months and months of hard work.  Her efforts were appreciated and recognized by all.

Many of you will recognize the name as Kay has lovely online classes that she shares with us.  You need to hop over if you have not met her. They are very well executed.  You won't be disappointed.

Those who missed this class be sure to watch for promotion for the upcoming ANG Seminar in Houston, TX next year. I believe it is August 15th through the 19th.  It will be taught there.  We were able to teach this class because it was under prior contract so they got in under the wire.  

Hubby came on this trip with me and a friend has taken him to tour the Boeing facility.  The last time we were here they were on strike so we could not go. They really enjoyed themselves!  Hubby got to give his new stand up walker a trial run before our next stitching adventure Stitching Down the Danube.

Our announcement for the fall Stitching Cruise is being received very enthusiastically.  We are thrilled.  Be sure to join Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures so you can follow all the details for Mediterranean Stitching Memories 2019.  A full brochure there explains all our Ports of Call from Rome to Barcelona!  What fun.  

I'd love to chat more but I must get some lessons posted, hit the shower and then off to class.  Have a great week!

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