Saturday, August 11, 2018


Another wonderful adventure has come and gone.  I cannot say enough nice things about Stitchers Garden in Naperville, IL and their customers.  We had such a great time and I look forward to going back in September 2019.

Watch for our return in 2019.  We will be featuring JP Needlepoint's new design she calls "What's That'!

It does not seem possible for a design to have more color or be a happier adventure.  You will just have to smile as you are working on it.  Contact the gals at Stitchers Garden in Naperville, IL to get signed up for the face-to-face class they will be hosting in September 2019! Check out their website!

Next up for me is the ANG National Seminar in Washington DC the end of this month.  I will be teaching two classes there.  One is Stitching Solutions and the other is Can Do Hairdos.  Registration is closed unfortunately but you can still stop by and enjoy the many treasures exhibited at the Exhibit which is open to all.  Go look at the schedule at under the seminar 2018.

Look what is being added to the 2019 Agenda!  These gals are going to be so much fun. This is a series of 4 so far and we plan to feature 2 of them in our upcoming lineup. You can sign up to join us now! Just email your interest to be added to the notification list - no obligation - to

This lovely new design from Sandra Gilmore - At the Seashore is also in the new line up - we detailed it in an earlier blog. Email me at if you want to play with this one with us.

Be sure to scroll through older posts if you are new to our blog.  We talk about classes that are to be added and we highlight lessons as they have been completed.

Next week we will be featuring some of the lessons from our Online Mystery Classes that will be posted on the 15th or so for the participants.

Have a great week!

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