Saturday, February 17, 2018


One very positive side of having these Online Mystery Classes is that I get projects stitched - for the most part. It forces me into a discipline that is not normal or second nature for me.  I like to stitch a spot, be comfortable with it and then put it in the closet or drawer.  Not here!  My students keep me on my toes on these and I generally am able to post a picture of the finished project (finished from the standpoint of stitching) at the end of the class.  For me that is almost miraculous.

What do I do with all these finished projects?  I stick them in a drawer!  Yes, that is correct!  I put them in a drawer.  What does one do with all these things?  I have no more wall space.  I have no more chair space.  You get the idea.  I keep thinking I might offer them up to shops for possible models.  Surely there is a life for them somewhere.  I just need to find it.

Then why do I stitch all these if I can't display them?  For me it is the journey of doing it.  I love to stitch and see what I end up with when all is said and done.  For instance, I am not Jewish.  But, I so loved and enjoyed stitching the Menorah from Tapestry Fair.  It is happy, colorful and provided a plethora of technique possibilities.  I did, however, purchase 3 of the individual candles and am finishing them as stand ups for the end of my mantel.

Another 15th of the month has come and gone.  That means we have posted more lessons for these fun classes.

We bid our farewells to the fantastic Santa Wreath Ornament from Raymond Crawford. Just look at all those techniques, embellishments, threads, colors.  And the design had large enough areas to  offer us the opportunity to try something (perhaps new) and not be married to it for a year to accomplish.  A very fun piece indeed.

In a totally different theme, Steampunk Witch from Brenda Stofft had her second session shared.  She gained a face, a fun collar and somewhat funky hair. This class has lessons posted every other month.

Another one of our fellow designs was also a posting of the second session.  The Reindeer with the pineapple blanket from Raymond Crawford.  We created the reindeer face, body, and part of the blanket for this session.
I'm leaning towards thinking of the ones with the eye closed as girls and the ones with eyes wide opened as boys - jury is still out on that one. I kinda get up close and personal with my projects.

Another Session 2 is also from Raymond Crawford and it is from the Christmas Stars - 12 Days of Christmas series. This month we did the Two Turtle Doves.  🎶 🎵 🎶

Session 4 of the Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood gave us a door and some candy as well as lights.

We have a new kid on the block this month - Snow Happy Trio from Love you More. As I am prone to do, we worked on the backgrounds for this first go round.  We did the sky and the snow.

Now we are ready to start playing with the Happy Trio - which one will it be?

And the final class posted is on the Nutty Professor Hooty Owl Banner from JP Needlepoint. This guy is in a class that is entitled something like No Schedule, No Deadline, No Stress.  This means that I post whenever I get the chance.  Well I finally got a chance to post a new section.

We worked on his tummy, his wings, his chest and gave him his pocket watch.  

Life is not stagnant so we are busily accepting reservations and requests to join the lists for upcoming new classes that are being added to the already full schedule.

We are featuring Dana - Life of the Party from Penny MacLeod. This happy lady has been added to the January 2019 agenda through student requests.

If you would like to join the very actively growing list just email us at and request to be placed on the notification list.

And as shared earlier, we are introducing a new Quickie! Series!  Eight wonderful butterflies from Burnett and Bradley.  
There is quite a bit going on in these individual designs.  Plenty to occupy two separate sessions that's for sure.  Scroll down through recent posts and see more of the designs.  The classes are all inclusive. That means canvas, threads, embellishments, lessons and shipping/handling.  WOW!  To join just email us at While definitely on the agenda for early 2019, we might be able to sneak in one or two before then.  Stay tuned.  

Getting ready to head out to LaJolla to the Needle Nook of LaJolla Retreat.  So many fun designs to work with.  You should check into this retreat for future enjoyment.  It always sells out early and Vicky and Faye take very good care of the participants and teachers as well!

Just saw where The Enriched Stitch has only 2 slots left in our wonderful Winter Cardinal class in April.  Check it out at their site for more information on all the wonderful classes they are hosting. They also welcome ghosts I believe.

Well I'm not getting any stitching done if I'm typing so have a great weekend!

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