Saturday, August 5, 2017


Is this Great-Grandma's buttons popping or what?  Those of you who are members of the American Needlepoint Guild and who receive the NeedlePointers Magazine - do not miss page 37!  A posting that I had shared on this very blog was picked up and used for Chapter News.  

Yummy!  Okay, I'll come down now and get back to business.


Yes!  Here we are in August.  That means I will be invoicing for the 6-lesson packet for the fun, fun, happy, colorful Santa Wreath Ornament from Raymond Crawford!  I am so enjoying stitching this happy piece.  In case you have not come to that conclusion, I love happy, colorful pieces!
Have your LNS order your canvas right away if you have not already done so.  First lesson is only a short 6 weeks away!  Unbelievable.  If you need assistance in getting your canvas or supplies just email me at  Invoices for the lessons have been sent.  If you did not receive yours be sure to email me right away.  For those needing assistance, the canvas is $100 and the thread/embellishment kit is $234.85 plus $16 S/H.  Email me at


Registration is ongoing for the next Quickie project - the Uncle Sam - an exclusive design by Pepperberry.

I hope to share a picture of this completed before too much longer!  The class - which includes everything but tools - handprinted canvas, threads/embellishments, 2 lessons, and S/H is $135.  Email me if you would like to join the group. We should be starting before too much longer.  


Look what is going to be in the horizon for our Online Mystery Classes!

Aren't these Raymond Crawford Reindeer fabulous?  There are four in the series.  They are approximately 14" tall.

Maybe start the first of the year?  Maybe do a lesson every other month?

I think it goes without saying that there will be beads!  Maybe some beautiful tassels, or nue` perhaps?  Embellishments - screams for embellishments.  

Email me at is you would like to be on the notification list for these classes.  The class fee will be $150 for the lessons.  These may be 4 lessons since I will be breaking them down every other month instead of every month.  More information as I determine the amount of interest.

Stitch Review

I have a student having difficulty with the buttonhole stitch. So here is how I try to explain it my way.  It is always so much easier to do face-to-face but not all have that luxury.

To begin this stitch you have a couple options.  The way I originally learned to do this stitch was what was called a 'J' stitch.  Your brought your thread to the front (1 on the diagram), moved it over a canvas thread and away 3 or 4 or whatever length needed, sink the thread (2 on the diagram), and brought the needle back up next to the first part but inside the thread (3 on the diagram).
Can you see the 'J'?  When the stitches lay next to each other very closely, like above, it is referred to as a buttonhole stitch.  When they are spread apart it is referred to as a blanket stitch.  We used the blanket stitch when I was a youngster back home when we quilted.  This stitch was used to appliqué items.

Another method to begin the buttonholes stitch that some students find easier to use is to begin the process with a lazy daisy stitch.

Now, here's the kicker.   Do not complete stitch 3/4 as shown on the traditional lazy daisy stitch diagram.  Instead, the 3 becomes the 3 as shown above but the 4 becomes the 4 as shown on the diagram to the right - in other words it becomes the new 'J'.

So basically, 3 is inside the first loop, then 5 comes up in the loop, etc. These loops are the outside 'bumpy' edge created by the buttonhole stitch.

(I'll highlight a different retreat next weekend.)

One of my upcoming retreats is teaching at the Winterthur Museum in March 23-25, 2018 in Delaware.
When I was approached and asked if I would teach at Winterthur Museum, the carrot for me was that youngsters from 10-18 could attend the retreat at no cost and could learn along with their attending adult.  To me, this was HUGE!  If you are a parent of a youngster in this age range, how could you not take advantage of this opportunity.  We need to get our youngsters more involved in our passion for this art and what better way than create a memory of attending a retreat with Mommy or Daddy? This retreat is embracing all skill levels. 

I will be teaching the class for Fruit and Flowers.  We will be doing techniques such as thread painting, reverse chain, round Rhodes, stem stitch, buttonhole, Cashmere, leaf stitch, and many, many more.  Design is stitched using beautiful silks.  I am sharing a sneak peak of one of several flowers showcased on the canvas.  

For details visit:

This Retreat is hosted by Art Needlepoint.  I was attracted to this venue when invited because of the inclusion of our youth.  The brochure states that participants may bring a youngster between the ages of 10 and 18 free of charge to attend class with them.  And the youngster will be given a canvas upon which they may try stitches to learn as we go.  Isn't that fantastic?  For more details check out the various links that are available.…
Here's an early registration link:
Contact Art Needlepoint right away to make your reservation.  And even more exciting plan to bring a youngster along to share the experience.

Have a great weekend/week and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Brenda's Needlepoint Studio said...

I signed up for this class. Can't wait. The Wintherthur venue is wonderful.

Sandy Arthur said...

Hi! I 'assume' you mean the Fruit and Flower at the Winterthur Museum. I'm looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Any way this could be an 'at home' project?

Sandy Arthur said...

Which one are you asking about Kathryn Gallagher so I know for sure how to answer.

Unknown said...

The Fruit and Flower.