Saturday, April 8, 2017


Boy, we never know when we are going to get blindsided!  And by something you can't even see!  I am so fortunate to be on this side of that adventure, however, and I don't want that one again!  It is a beautiful day in Central Kentucky!

Now, back to the stuff at hand.

     BULLETIN:  Pocket Full of Stitches is having a Brenda Stofft Trunk Show through 
                            April 29 at 20% off - you might want to take a look.  We have several classes
                            scheduled  through the first of the year 2018.


     Invoices have been mailed.  If you have not received an invoice and think you have signed up for this class, email me right away so we can get you processed.

  If your invoice has been processed you should have received an invitation to the secret Facebook page. Look in your spam and junk mail also.  If you have not be sure to email me at so that can be remedied. The materials list is posted in the secret FB page for participants.

Many have their canvases.  However, if you need assistance with getting a canvas and/or your full thread kits just drop me an email and we get you hooked up!

Having fun working on upcoming classes!  Also, preparing for my last trip of the year before the stitching riverboat cruise!  Gosh it will be here before we know it.

May has in store for me a visit with the Piney Pointers in Texas!  We will be playing with Heloise at the fantastic LaTorretta Resort in Conroe.  Been there several times and always a nice adventure.

Then, upon leaving the fantastic group I will be joining some great stitchers at Chandail in Houston for a wonderful weekend of embellishment.  Such fun canvases that await us there!  A wide gamut, as usual!  Makes for a fun weekend.

We are finishing up on kit preparation for our first Quickie online class.  The USA Star from Raymond Crawford is all I have hoped it would be.  

Orders are being processed and mailing labels made ready for mailing.  Hope to share a picture of the finished product soon. This will be released in the next couple months!  What fun!

Received the model canvas for our other new adventure - No Stress - No Deadline - No Schedule (whatever I am calling it - changes each posting) Class Nutty Professor.  This guy is going to be a 'hoot' (I know, pretty bad huh?).  We'll start at the bottom and work up.  

   Lots to play with here!

Orders are in place for those who have indicated an interest - more to come on this guy.

And, of course, next week, we share the next round of lessons for the Online Mystery Classes!  It will be time to say goodbye to yet another favorite - Santa's Rewards.  Boy, he sure seemed to go quickly.

Lesson 2 for the Menorah will be next up; Lesson 3 in Steampunk Fox and Lesson 4 on the Large Easter Rabbit.

But as one leaves another enters.  We have posted the materials list for our next new class the Songbirds from Danji in the secret Facebook page for those participants that have been processed.

Invoices are being distributed and processed.  As payment is processed individuals are invited to the secret Facebook page where they will find their materials list so they can go shopping if desired.  Your local needlepoint shop will help you with your threads, etc.  For those needing assistance please email me at and we will assist you with obtaining your kit. (I know, I'm being repetitive but sometimes it is necessary.)

As we have discussed in the past, our new influx of classes will be treated on an every-other-month posting.  The majority seem to want a little extra time between classes - notice I said majority.  There are always a few that want to hurry up and be the first to finish and when is the next lesson, etc., etc., etc.  But, this is supposed to be fun for me too, so we are enjoying the journey.

There are still a couple of Brenda Stofft designs in the works that are of the Steampunk Series.  And we are reaching out to some of the newer designers to introduce ourselves to their various styles. If there is someone you would like to see featured be sure to share with me so we can get them up and front and center if there is interest.

Our Party on the Po stitching riverboat cruise is in full swing.  Participants are finalizing flight plans, most kits have been ordered and shipped, and we are all getting excited. We still have people signing up; however, I do not know how much room there is left on the boat as far as staterooms.  We have 51 and counting people!  Now - THAT'S A PARTY!.  

We have our travel agent working feverishly on putting together a package for our 2018 adventure and can't wait to share that with you as well.  More on that later. It promises to be exciting too.  Anyone know where the Danube is?

Have a great week!

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