Saturday, April 1, 2017


So return from wonderful teaching retreat in California and looking forward to a little working time at home and not on the road.  WRONG!

Some generous soul decided to share a rare respiratory virus - contagious of course- with me somewhere along the way.  Now understand that this virus has only been at our hospital 3 times this year.  And it mainly affects children under 5 years of age.  So what happens when you are a woman of advanced years?  Well, all kinds of weird, horrible things!

First, I get this horrific cough that tears my guts out! This in turn begins to weaken my body.  No fever - yet.  Don't want to do anything - just lay around.  Not even stitch. Now hubby is starting to get concerned.  Who is this woman without a needle in her hands?

Then don't want to eat.  Me not want to eat. Clue number two that something is really wrong.  Next lose control of all body functions.  Now really scary. Then around the clock sleeping.

So weak hubby has to get me to ER in wheelchair.

Fever 103.5. So, tests turn up the rare virus, UTI motherlode, dehydrated, to begin with.  So check in to hospital.  Go to room, nurse says they cannot treat me on that floor because they do not have cardio equipment needed - apparently the heart decides to do crazy things too and kicks into AFib.  Such fun!

So in one hour I am in 3 different hospital rooms.  Finally in cardiac care where they have all the proper equipment.  So cardiologists visits and tells me I now that these viruses can do strange things especially when I have been hit as hard as I have.  Good news is that my current heart medication would be what they would prescribe anyway so for now we'll monitor and after I leave hospital go to my cardiologist and go from there - no current danger.
Ask my students - they pay me to not sing!

After couple days got the UTI almost straighten out and body functions under control.  Cough is getting a bit easier but still tough.  Taking breathing treatments every 4 hours.  Still weak - but vastly improved.  Being treated with steroid treatments - which don't care for but at least I can now function somewhat.  And I even feel better.

Today is first day since Sunday that I have not slept around the clock. That alone makes me very happy. Also got to take a shower - YIPPEEE! No longer smell like road kill.

Doctor says I may get to go home this weekend. Another YIPPEE!

And today I knitted.  No way hubby could ever understand what to bring me to keep me from going totally insane so I just said get the travel bag in the van that I stitch on to distract me from your driving.  He knew immediately what to bring - LOL.  His favorite bag.

Everything is good and I just wanted you guys to know why I may be a little slow in answering (won't say how many) emails.  Classes are still on schedule so don't get concerned there.

I normally don't share much personal information but I understand how things tend to get blown out of proportion on FB now days so wanted you to know from the 'horse's mouth' the full nitty gritty.  Some people just want info to see how they can use it against you and those people are sad.  I have always been a very private person and keep things to myself - even from my family - these are my problems not to burden them with.  And I have also felt, especially outside family, it just is none of your business.  I am independent.  I am stubborn.  And like I said , it is none of your business.  But I m so blessed in that the largest majority of my followers are not on here too see what ideas they can steal, or how many lessons they can get from their buddies without honesty paying for them, but mostly because they share the same passion and want to see our craft survive.  And they are genuinely concerned when there are issues and willing to step forward if needed and be patient and understanding if needed.   But most of all you are supportive and for that I am truly grateful.

When I read this over it reminds me of the story that was going around where this kid was explaining to his father that he had run away, got the girl down the street pregnant, they were going to do something to buy their drugs, blah, blah, blah and at the end he said all the above is untrue but it will help you put things into perspective when you see the report card on the kitchen table.

So I thought they'll think I'm going say all this isn't true but you'll understand why your lessons will be late on April 15.  But so far that is not a problem with the lessons and unfortunately the above really did happen.

But I am blessed and grateful and just wanted you to know what is really going on and I could not let Kelly Clarke get one-up on me (lord what a way to counter! - Kelly you could have kept that win! I know -  we'll be co-owners!). Glad you are doing well, too, my friend.

Have a great weekend and I'll share more stitching stuff next week when I'm back home on normal mode.

Love to you all for your thoughts and prayers.  You're my buds!



ncstitcher2000 said...

Sending you lots of healing hugs and prayers your way 😀🙏🙏

Brenda M. Cote said...

Glad you're now on the other side of being sick to the side of feeling better. Whew! Always loved your positive attitude and beautiful projects.

Monica said...

Take care of yourself! Needlepoint can wait.

normajean53 said...

Glad you are on the mend, take care of yourself, lessons will certainly wait. Hugs.

Sheena said...

Hope you rest and get better what the doctors tell you and don't overdo it. The lessons can wait a little! Hugs!