Saturday, December 24, 2016


It is very difficulty for me believe that yet another year is about to be gone.  We have one full week left in the year 2016 and it, too, will be history.  How blessed I feel to have been granted another wonderful year.

This one week will be gone before we even know it.  Those of us of the Christian faith are so absorbed in the Christmas Celebrations that the time will just seem to fly by.   Tonight is Christmas Eve and that for many families is an important celebratory time.  That has become the time that those of us with adult children and grandchildren seem to try to get together for an evening to share, laugh, play, cry, open gifts if such a practice is undertaken, etc.

We overeat and generally things that are not always the best for us - same with drink.  Our family is rather mild in this regard.  None of us are 'drinkers' as such.  We will have an occasional social drink or business gathering drink, etc., but as a routine it is not something that we concern ourselves with.

Now eating, that is another matter.  Too many rich things, cheeses, breads, sweets - oooohhh those chocolate chip cookies, salty munchies, etc.

We now participate in a silly practice of Christmas stocking gifts.  No one can spend more than $20 on any one person and off we go.  You really need to be creative in this quest but it is always fun to see what family comes up with.  I, of course, always break the rules.  We have announced that we are the matriarch and patriarch of the family and the rules don't apply to us.  For some reason the rest of the family does not  buy into that and they tell us so but we ignore them. What do they know?  They're just middle-aged kids!

Guess which one belongs to hubby?

So, we will have a crazy evening/night while Santa is traveling around the world.  We'll enjoy our fire in the fireplace (it is cold enough here to do that - don't always get snow), we stare at the Christmas tree and its lights, and absorb the various decorations around and about.  We'll likely drag out the Rummicue game board or Mexican dominoes and play a few games and see how much we can cheat or catch someone else cheating.  Those who need to leave to meet additional family obligations for tomorrow, Christmas Day, will do so.

We will then arise on Christmas Day, put the ham in the oven, begin the various 'fixings', make sure the fire is going in the fireplace and have another blessed, rather quiet day, and reflect on all the Christmases Past that have left impressions on our heart and try not to be too sad missing those no longer with us to share this holiday with us.

So we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and if you do not celebrate Christmas have a wonderful festive event however you choose to recognize this Holy time of year.

Get busy and enjoy the remainder of 2016!