Saturday, November 26, 2016


Paul Revere?  Boston Common?  Boston Marathon?  USS Constitution?  Boston Tea Party?  Freedom Trail?  Lobster? Sand?

When we do our Have a Ball in Boston stitching tour in June 2017, we will be touching on all of these things and more.  And most of these events are during the daylight hours - right?  Well, what about the nighttime?

Never fear!  We are here!  On our second night in Boston we will be hosting a Pajama Party/Ice Cream Social Stitch in!  Yep, you heard that right!  And . . . there will be prizes.

Now, you are not going to win a prize just for any ole pajamas!  Nope!  You must have a theme!  Think of the possibilities!  Look around at all the history, the beaches, the food, there are all kinds of things to draw from.   My pjs are going to be so cool that nobody will even come close!  But not to worry because I can't win - 😊 !

So get those creative juices flowing.  Just a hint - you might want to bring a robe to travel from your room to the stitching room.  We wouldn't want to scare all the other guests away now would we?

Full details are below so scroll down to a previous post.

Earlier in the day we will have lunch at Cheers - yes the establishment made famous through the television series.

From there we will make our second shop visit.  The Stitch Boutique.  Kim has some unique designs to share with us that are also Boston related.  The ones that really struck my eye are the ones highlighting the fabulous Boston Public Park.  Most people familiar with this area immediately thing of the Swan boats and the ducks.  The designs I have chosen to stitch and create a stitch guide for are (1) this beautiful 4" x 4" square design featuring one of the swan boats going past a fantastic weeping willow tree.

Here it is stitched.  There will be a stitch guide available.

and (2)  a 3" round ornament with the end of one of the boats where the swans are featured.

Both these designs can be preordered and prepaid for prior to our trip.  Details will be posted on the secret FB page Have a Ball in Boston for those who have registered for the tour.

          These are not classes!  These are area specific designs that the different shops are going to showcase for us and provide full kits if we desire to purchase as a reminder of our great time.

          The CLASS CANVAS was received yesterday and I will be sharing that as soon as I get all the threads together and start preparing the stitch guide.  The Class Design will be for an optional full day in Cape Cod and will be the subject of next week's tour highlight post. Costing details will follow on the secret Facebook page for Boston Tour Participants.  Come join us!  There is still plenty of time.

PARTY ON THE PO has blown out of proportion!  We have over 50 participants!  Isn't that amazing.  We still have people signing up and straddling the fence but as far as this end is concerned we are busily stitching the exclusive design for the trip that is theme related.  Those details will be provided to the participants via the secret FB page Party on the Po.  I am just waiting for the prices from the painter and participants can begin preordering their kits now.  The kits will be forwarded (after receiving from painter - 3 mo. +/ ) so you can add to stretcher bars and be ready to go.  The stitch guides will be shared in Italy!  I am loving this piece!  Can't wait to share!


The  ONLINE MYSTERY CLASS ITINERARY 2017 was released last week.
 Scroll on down a couple entries and you will find it in full bloom.

In the meanwhile, we are preparing to start the next set of lessons for Happy Haunting Grounds the last Session 6, boo hoo, Robin’s Wreath Session 4, and Santa’s Reward  Session 2.

And, believe it or not, it is time to send out invoices for our mid-January class -Large Easter Rabbit  from Brenda Stofft.

For information on any of the above feel free to email me at We always like to add more people to play with us!

Have a great holiday weekend and remember to stitch with a smile!


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