Monday, November 21, 2016


Thought I'd share a little more with you about the upcoming Boston tour - Have a Ball in Boston June 2017.

Yep!  Rumor has it that when we Have a Ball in Boston one of our nightly stitch ins will be a PJ Party!  But. . . not just any PJ Party.

First it will involve an Ice Cream Social (at least that is the plan at this point of the game).

Second there will be an optional mini-class.  What is it you say?  Well, we will be creating our very own beautiful tassel from a full kit – everything provided – walk out the door with a completed project.  Price and preorder information will be available on the secret FB page for those registered to take the tour. The lovely hand painted tops, ribbons, guides for cutting ribbon – everything! Lots of color options.

 Next up – a        Contest  !  Four Categories

General Rules:
Must wear pajamas  (or night gown and robe).

What are pajamas?  For our purposes, pajamas require a top and a bottom (or gown and robe).

Pajamas should be tasteful.

Not cool! For this venue

Consider a robe as you must travel from your room to the meeting room - - - just sayin’

So, what are the categories?

1.           Most original Boston Theme pajamas
Surely with all the history around us you can come up with something creative!

2.           Most stitch related pajamas
I just gotta say that it is a good thing for you that I am not eligible to win ‘cause I got this one hands down!

3.           Most creative Onesie

This is a Onesie

This is a creative Onesie


 No you cannot copy this one!

4.            Most Creative House Slippers (must use flip flops as base – all others will be disqualified from competition)

The decision of our unbiased, expert judge (most likely the custodian on duty) will be final and accepted with grace!

Best of all, there will be prizes (as soon as I can get some lined up). 

So hurry up and join our group.  Email me for details or look under files (or scroll further down the page) for the brochure describing the trip.  Remember space is limited.

Love to have you with us!

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