Saturday, August 6, 2016


What a lovely group of ladies!  They have us all staying at the Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem, NC - adjacent to historic Old Salem.  I understand this is an old converted cotton mill.  Can you imagine the ambience?  It is so quaint.  High beamed ceilings, HUGE rooms, fantastic bathroom, all the amenities that could ask for including a Keurig pot and wi-fi - what more could you want.  Well I tell you what more, they have wine in a seating area and at 8 pm. cookies and milk.  COOKIES AND MILK!  Oh well, I'm in heaven.  

My flight was late so we had to go straight to dinner at this lovely Italian restaurant and for some reason I was fascinated by our waitress - Molly.  She is such a beautiful young lady.  And being the brave adventurer that I am when it comes to food I had a great dish of sphagetti and meatballs with a Caesar salad.  Worked for me. I met some of my stitchers for the first time and delightfully same some wonderful familiar faces as well.-

We have a large class and that just means that much more fun and orneriness. So happy to be here.

We covered a lot in one day and today and tomorrow we get into heavy needle felting and some stump work techniques.  Such a fun piece.  Unfortunately, it will be retiring soon but it has been a great journey sharing it with fellow stitchers.

Needles 'N Fins - this is a revitalized blog from our past.  Well not really because when we last hosted cruises we had no blogs - didm''t even know what they were.  Now we have this guy going at the request of several of you.  We posted our first itinerary for the season and would love to have you join us.  There are two ways to keep abreast of the adventures.  First is to visit this blog at  The second is to request to be included in a secret Facebook page called Needles 'N Fins Stitching Cruises.  There you will meet like-minded stitchers who share ideas of what we would like to consider for upcoming parties - uh, I mean adventures.  It has already been fun and we haven't even done anything yet - or at least had not done anything until just a few days ago.

For me it is exciting to work on dreaming up an exclusive needlepoint design for our adventures!   The travel agent takes care of all the off-ship tour opportunities - with plenty of needlepoint and needlart themed trips when available.  But I get to play with the needle and thread with the participants when we are onboard.  We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you all. Come join us and see what the hubbub is all about! The first cruise will take place October 19-29, 2017.  Hurry and register though because my agent just gave us the heads up that the cruise company is raising their prices August 15 (about $300) and those of you who have already registered and paid your deposit are in at the current rate and the rest of you still have 10 days to take advantage of those prices!  Don't drag your feet on this one - and only 130 spots to begin with and they are going . . . 

And don't worry land lovers, we're working on a specific one for you too.

 A friend is working towards helping an artisan in Russia who needs to have so many 'hits' to her class site in order to be eligible to be hired as a teacher and paid.  All you need to do is sign on at this link and start listening and watching ribbon embroidery basics - FREE - NO CHARGE - do a good thing and help somebody!

Online Mystery Classes:  Invoices are being processed for our next class Robin's Wreath from Melissa Prince Designs.  WOW!

Look at all the 'stuff' I can get into.  Mostly unique thread manipulation going on here on this one.  Ribbons, straw silk, few beads, thread painting, AND, I know this is going to be a shock - there is actually a background for those of you who want covered backgrounds - well, almost covered.
There is still time to join us as the first lesson does not become posted until September 15 so if you want in just email me and we'll get you all set up.

TO REGISTER:  Send email to me at and we'll take it from there.  If you need assistance in gathering materials we can steer you in the right direction there too.

Next on the horizon will be our last Online Mystery Class for 2016 which will be the Santa's Reward design from Devon Nicholson.

Registration is currently open for this wonderful guy so just let us know if you want to participate.  contact information is the same as above .

Soon we will post our Online Mystery Class schedule for 2017.  OH MY!  It makes my head spin!

In the meanwhile to keep from getting bored, we have lessons to be posted in a few days.

We share the last lesson of our Thanksgiving Critters by Melissa Shirley.
Lesson Two of Happy Haunting Grounds by Eye Candy hits the Internet.
And a new Session for the infamous Arctic Parade by Brenda Stofft will be forthcoming.

Worked somewhere in between there is laundry and packing to prepare for upcoming classes at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans!  Will be here before we know it!

So, have a great day and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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