Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE - albeit a small one
Packing almost done.  Leave tomorrow morning for a week's worth of teaching at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans.  We'll be playing with Hairdos, needle felting and beads - what more could a girl ask for?  Well, beignets to start with and pralines next!  It is New Orleans after all!  Looking forward to seeing ole friends and meeting new ones.  And what's more, I will be able to put some more faces to the wonderful participants of my Online Mystery Classes!

Just about have everything ready for our next lessons coming up!  We will be posting our first lesson for Robin's Wreath by Melissa Prince.

Invoices have been mailed to all that have registered.  If you did not get your invoice, email me right away to  For those payments that have been processed you should have been invited to the secret Facebook page.  If you did not receive the invitation, please email me on that as well.  And, finally, if you did not sign up but wish you had, email me on that too.  There is still time and if you need assistance finding a canvas we have some shops that have emailed me that they have them in stock ready to go!  First lesson September 15!!!

Active registration is in place for our last Online Mystery Class for 2016!  Santa's Reward by Devon Nicholson.
Email me at if you would like to join us on this one.  Invoices will begin processing on October 1st and the first lesson will be posted on November 15.

Next up is our next lesson for the Pillow Collage!  Lesson 3 already!  Really?  Gosh.  

We did some fun or nue`, worked with WireLace, and single loop braid just to name a few things we covered in Lesson 2.  Who knows what I have in store for Lesson 3?  Stay tuned to see.

Fun and funky!  That's what the next Online Mystery Class offers. Happy Haunting Grounds by Eye Candy is up for its Lesson 3!

Saw lots of green in Lesson 2 but our backgrounds are all in and we are ready to play with who knows what?  Get those needles sharpened!  Here we come on September 15!

After the dust settles I will be posting the agenda for 2017!  Oh WOW!  What an agenda!  There is a little of everything, rabbits, candles, foxes, birds, cupcakes and hopefully gingerbread!  Is that a wide enough selection?  They are all wonderfully beautiful and colorful and challenging in their own way! I am so excited about this lineup and the wonderful response already.  But.... there is more ...

Over on our sister blog - , we are very busy getting people registered for our Party on the Po!

Yes!  We are hosting a riverboat cruise in Italy.  We start in Milan and work our way to the boat and cruise on to Venice.  We'll see lots of wonderful things such as DaVinci' Last Supper in Milan, Juliet' Balcony and courtyard in Verona, vineyards, pasta, Murano Glass (as in beads!), and beautiful Venitian Lace in Burano, and, and, and.  This trip is October 19-29, 2017.  And we have designed a special optional canvas project for our class commemorating this fantastic adventure. You'll love it.  You are welcome to bring your own projects as well for our nightly (hopefully) stitch ins on board. But wait - - - 

There is a fantastic deal being sponsored by the cruise line - FREE AIRFARE for many eligible participants. You must register for a Category 1 or Category 2 to be eligible and you must be close to a participating airport - we (hubby and I) have to drive to Cincinnati Airport - but hey for free airfare!

And, for you landlubbers!  We will be posting just any minute the details for our upcoming HAVE A BLAST IN BOSTON! tour.  We have two lovely shops on our agenda for this Boston/Cape Cod adventure!  Be sure to watch for this one.  It is scheduled for 5 nights beginning June 8, 2017.

Okay, so gotta go finish packing and get myself ready for a birthday date with our son tonight.  Oh, did I mention that today is my birthday!  I am so blessed!

Remember to stitch with a smile and come say hey if you are at Seminar!  (I'll forget you in a day or two but my intentions are good!)


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