Saturday, July 23, 2016


Got home after a wonderful week teaching at Designers Desk in Chicago.  We had such fun and it will be sad to see the shop go.  Hopefully it will be purchased by someone who would like to continue the business so that we can all continue to play in this wonderful setting.

Had a surprise while there.  A lovely friend, Kathy Matthews from ANG Seminar Board days, dropped by and brought me a fantastic gift.

Those who have known me for several years will recognize this cute plate as indicative of my To The Beach and Back To The Beach ladies.  LOL - and it even has five ladies as well.  Thank you so much Kathy for thinking of me.

Everyone is busily working on their various levels in our Online Mystery Classes.  These are such great fun and I hope the participants have half the fun I do!  If participation is any indication, I think they do!

Robin's Wreath and Santa's Reward are both being registered as we speak.  Come on and join us.  Scroll down to read more details if interested.

Just got the wonderful Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood that was requested by the masses so I'm thinking of things for it.

To Register:  Send email to

I am so excited that I get to spend a full week at home before traveling again.  However I am also looking forward to playing with the ANG Winston-Salem Chapter as we stitch the Pumpkin Spiced Tea design.

All the kits have been mailed and everyone is gathering there supplies to prepare for days of fun!

Also shipped out have been all the kits for the three different classes I am teaching at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans. Final preparations are in progress to make sure everything is in order and ready to go.

Meanwhile, finishing up the Cardinal Family from Melissa Shirley Designs to teach at STITCH outside Louisville, KY.  If you cannot join us face-to-face, she is accepting ghosts.

This has been fun!  Lots going on - beads, boucle`, silk, fuzzies, combination stitches, weaving, ribbon, Silk Straw, cotton - okay, that's enough.

Contact Lane at STITCH if you'd care to join us!

Lane Blevins, Owner
STITCH-a needlepoint shop
215 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

In the meanwhile - Stitch with a Smile and sign up for some of these wonderful upcoming classes!


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