Saturday, June 11, 2016


Just a little over a month until we launch into our next new Online Mystery Class - Happy Haunting Grounds!  First lesson to be posted mid-July!  Can't wait!

Eye Candy

Seems we just started the sign up process a few short weeks ago and here we are almost ready.  Invoices have been sent - and most already paid - first lesson is prepared - materials list posted - and participants are joining the Secret Facebook Page - and people are getting antsy!  This happy piece will be a great trip through threads of all sorts and techniques and stitches as well as a few sew-on embellishments maybe.  

There is still time to join us if you wish.  Just sent me an email to

We have our fourth - yes!  4th - lesson posting for the Thanksgiving Critters!

Melissa Shirley

Wonder who we are going to play with this month?  Two down and three to go!  Such mischief!  Each has his/her own personality!  Be sure to check back next week for some sneak peeks to see what we did!

Accompanying this excitement is a little sadness too!  We say goodbye to Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories.
Brenda Stofft

Didn't he turn out fabulously?  He is at the TNNA Market in DC right now strutting his stuff!  If you are there go over and see him in person at Brenda' booth.  He will have a stitch guide.

And look who is waiting in the wings to get his first stitches added!  We are currently taking enrollment for this great guy.  Who doesn't like robins?

Melissa Prince

Wow!  There is so much here that can be used on so many other canvases! And there are several wreaths in this series.  A bird!  A nest! Fruit! A wide variety of leaves!  Oh my - oh my!  To sign up send email to First lesson will be posted September 15.  Registration through August!

And right behind Mr. Robin is our last class for 2016 - Santa's Rewards.
Devon Nicholson

Active registration is ongoing for him as well.  First class in mid-November.  Don't miss this one!

And, of course, my life is consumed daily with the fantastic adventure of Arctic Parade.  

Brenda Stofft 
This week I finished the background for side one and so I had the pleasure of starting to introduce some color.  Soon I will be sharing another technique for the masses!  I have a routine started where each morning when I awaken, I fix my cup of coffee, quickly check emails to make sure no student is stumped, and pull up a chair and visit with this big guy.  I am an early riser so I do this every day until my husband awakens.  That's is when I stop and go have breakfast with him and then my 'real' day begins.  I change spots and stitch on another Online Mystery Class, stitch guide preparation, models, or whatever is on the 'must-do' list.

Okay so I'm off this morning.  Have a great weekend, enjoy the TNNA show offerings and remember to stitch with a smile!


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