Saturday, May 28, 2016

TEXAS BOOT SCOOTIN' has come and gone . . .

What fun we had at Chandail doing this one of a kind class in Houston.  Seems some students were having fun 'with' me as well!

Can you tell it is getting near the end of the day and class? 

Now our focus turns towards what is coming up in the very near future.

We are all anxiously awaiting the first posting for our "Special' Online Mystery Class - Arctic Santa.

Brenda Stofft Designs

Canvases have been ordered, threads are being gathered and excitement is in the air for this wonderful piece.  The first lesson will be posted on June 1.  You may still join us if you wish.  There is plenty of time because we are devoting approximately 2 years to this project.  If you desire more information just email me at duodesignsinc@yahoo.comPlanet Earth did a special overdye for us that is to 'dye' for!  It is called Polar and is so scrumptious! You can feel the winter snow in the air.  Love, Love, Love stitching with it!.

Next up is our regular scheduled Online Mystery Class - Happy Haunted Grounds -
Eye Candy Designs

Gosh, when we first auditioned this piece to join our Online Mystery Classes lineup it seemed ages away in the future.  And here it is!  First lesson in this whimsical piece is July 15!  Invoices will start going out next week on/about June 1.  There is time to join us on this beauty if you want to come on board.  Ada even had extra canvases painted for us because (having been a previous Online Mystery Class selection) she knows how there people at the last minute who wished they had gotten on board.  So come on over!  Just email me as above at We'll get you all fixed up.

Next up for me is to teach at the fabulousEGA TVA Regional.  I get to teach my ever-popular Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  We'll play with needle felting (this time with silk roving), some stumpwork techniques and lots of fun stitches.  It will be a good time.

In the background we are preparing kits for the upcoming 2016 ANG Seminar being help in New Orleans.  Hurry and register!  Registration closes soon.

And, as always, we are auditioning pieces for upcoming classes.  The final slots for 2017 have been filled and I can't wait to share them with you.  Just confirming sizes, etc., so we know what we are going to be working with.

Well, have a wonderful weekend and please remember what the holiday represents and pay our respects to those who are away from their families fighting for our freedom and safety, those who have served before and those that have sacrificed their lives on our behalf!  Being the daughter of a WWII veteran, the sister of a Medically discharged brother, and the wife of a former U.S. Marine, I am very proud of what our family has done on behalf of this great country and feel the same pride for those who are carrying on this battle at great sacrifices!


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