Saturday, April 2, 2016


Someone posted this beautiful photograph on Facebook and I do not have the information to provide proper credit for the picture.  This is a view we have been treated to most times when we fly into Lexington, KY.  It just takes my breath away that I live in such a beautiful area.  But alas!  See those lovely white fences? That are becoming black now.  It is my understanding that it is for economical reasons that this has transpired.  For me it is a sad change.  This is one of the things I love about my city.

This past weekend has brought me much joy(in addition to getting to play with my Great-Grandchildren)  in that I have finished my teaching pieces of the TNNA Summer market that is being held in Washington, DC.  YAY! and double YAY!  While these are always fun to do, I feel as if I have something hanging over my head about to pop until I get them completed.  So that 'thing' is gone!

I have also completed a cute, cute piece for Ruth Schmuff which I cannot share because that is her party to be presented.  You'll like it I'm sure.  It is whimsical (with Ruth what else), happy and fun.


I will be on my way to Designers Desk the end of this coming week so am looking so forward to seeing my friends there and getting to play with them once more.  Watch for possible pictures next week. There are Danji designs, cactus, candles, chills,  Imaris, Purple Palm flowers, etc. - so excited!

CATS IN A DINGHY:  It is always sorta sad to tell a class goodbye.  Annie Lane's Cats in a Dinghy has been a joy to work with.  We have been needle felting, padding, using straw silk,  lots of other fun threads to work with and stitches and techniques that have been new to some and maybe a different approach to others.

EASTER RABBIT WITH MORNING GLORIES:  We are on the back half of this wonderful design now.  Lesson 4 will be posted on the 15th.  


We almost have our bunny completely dressed and will finish  his attire this lesson.  Additionally we'll begin some of the garden features. Several have shared their progress and it is amazing how beautiful they are all doing!  It makes me so proud and my buttons just pop!

PILLOW COLLAGE:  Oh my, I'm so excited to start this one.  My mind is going to burst if I don't get some of these ideas out there to share with you.  All the PayPal invoices have been emailed to those who have enrolled.  If you did not get yours email me immediately! The first lesson is scheduled to be posted on May 15th and you need to have your threads and be ready to play!  Participants are beginning to become acquainted in the group and anxiously await our classes to begin!

Pillow Collage - begins mid-May

Those interested in the colorful and fun Eye Candy design Happy Haunting Grounds need to get serious about having your canvases ordered so you will be ready to go. Yes, registration is open.

Happy Haunting Grounds - begins mid-July

TO REGISTER:  Send email to if you want to be added to the notification list for this class.  Notifications will be sent around the first of June alerting those on the list that invoices are forthcoming.  The 6-lesson packet is $150 and the class will last for 6 months.  Once payment is processed you will receive an invitation to a secret Facebook page and there you will find the materials list, general information and meet fellow participants.  So get that email out to me!  You sure don't want to miss the boat on this one.


Yep!  This huge piece really does exist!  Yep!  There are quite a few people who want to play with me while working through it!  As always, my mind has gone crazy and before I can write down one idea, another pops in my head!  Good gravy!

Registration is active on this special class.  It does not adhere to any of the rules of the more-strict semi-monthly classes.  First the class will probably begin in about 2 months.  Next, the class fees for this class are $260.  Next, there are no scheduled lesson postings.  Lessons will be posted as I do them.  I anticipate at least 10 lessons will be forthcoming.  Next, there will not be a complete materials list posted at the beginning.  Once invoices have been mailed and payments processed, the threads needed for the first lesson will be posted.  Then, I will post threads for the next upcoming lessons as I work through them so you can make arrangements to get them before the next lesson begins. If you scroll down to a couple of older posts you will see where I have addressed how I am going to manage handling these large pieces.  This was compiled by the "For Whatever It's Worth Department."

Oh, and I located this cute, cute, cute canvas and am working on a class! Stay tuned and let me know if you have any interest.

I am also excited to continue with these lovely canvases and it is a joy to work with my participants!  I have been so lucky!  You all are wonderful!

So, if I am typing I am not stitching - so off too it!  Have a great weekend and remember to stitch with a smile!


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