Saturday, April 16, 2016


It was time to say goodbye to Annie Lane's Online Mystery Class - Cats in a Dinghy.  What a fun piece to work with.  We did a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  We had lots of traditional needlepoint stitches but done with such fun threads.  There was beautiful silks, glorious Dinky Dyes overdyes, Pepper Pot Silk, Trio (part silk,part wool), and Splendor silks.  There was Bella Lusso wool and Vineyard Merino wool. And, of course, as always I used a few unorthodox items such as Painters Thread shimmer, Rainbow Gallery sheens of Neon Rays, Silk Lame` and Patent Leather, Straw Silk from Silk Roads, felted balls, sequins, and metallic accents - as well as cotton!  We had happy fish swimming in a colorful ocean and happy cats that included some needle felting and couched DMC memory thread in their red little dinghy.  All in all it is a happy piece and fun to stitch.

Cats in a Dinghy - Annie Lane
Stitch Guide Available Shortly

Next we shared Lesson 4 of Brenda Stofft's Online Mystery Class - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories.

We fancied this guy up with his ruffled neckpiece, and began a garden.  Two topiaries stand beside him with fun threads creating a backdrop for ribbon roses in decorated pots with dots of beads.  Next on board was creating the trellis to prepare for the beautiful flowers that will soon be climbing up the way.

Anxiously awaited was Lesson 2 of Melissa Shirley's Online Mystery Class - Thanksgiving Critters.  I think the word 'Thanksgiving' adds a limitation to this design because is it a great fall/autumn piece and is applicable to most parts of the world that do not share nor know what Thanksgiving is or means.  This adventure involved stitching the mole who starts the line of characters.   He is now ready to be joined by another of his friends in Lesson 3.

Invoices have been processed, kits have been ordered and sent (for the most part), and class is about ready for Lesson 1 of the beautiful Online Mystery Class - Pillow Collage from the collection.

Those who want to add a bench under their pillows are busily doing so in preparation for the stitching to begin.

The 'Special' Online Mystery Class - Arctic Parade from Brenda Stofft is also in the wings and being ordered, painted and shipped.  This magnificent piece is not for the faint of heart as it is made up of two large pieces 37.25" x 30", as well as a beautiful face on 24 ct fabric.

We are all auditioning ways to set this guy up for our work sessions.  We are sharing pictures and ideas involving the various floor stands, stretcher bars and scroll bars.  He is going to be so much fun.  I am having fun just breaking down the various lessons and I haven't even taken a stitch as yet.  This 'Special' class has a class fee of $260 for a minimum of 10 sporadic lessons (which means no set schedule - lessons will be posted as I get them).

Orders are starting to flow for the next regularly scheduled Online Mystery Class - Happy Haunting Grounds  from Eye Candy.

Registration is currently open.  If you are registered and have not done so, order your canvas right away as you do not want to miss a beat.  Invoices will be mailed around the first of June and the first lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-July.  

Another canvas that should be on order is your beautiful Online Mystery Class - Robin Wreath from Melissa Prince.

Invoices will be mailed around the first of August and the first lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-September.

For the remaining classes for 2016 scroll down through older posts and read all about them.  And 2017 isn't too shabby either!  This is so exciting and colorful!

REGISTRATION:  To register for any of the current and upcoming classes simply send an email to and state that you want included on the notification list.

A month before lessons start, you will receive an email stating that invoices are being mailed.  Once payment is processed you are invited/included in a secret Facebook page.  There you will find the materials list, general information documents, and meet your fellow participants.  If you change your mind simply ignore the invoice.

So - if you are so inclined come join  us in any or all of these classes.  They are so delightful and I am blessed with wonderful participants!

Until next time - stitch with a smile.


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