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If you have not received your invoice please email me right way so it can be corrected.  You don't want to miss a beat! Payments due May 15, 2016. 

I first want to share with you an upcoming class in Houston.  What a cute way to display your bluebonnets, a 4th of July centerpiece and fresh flowers in general.  This cute 'Texas Boot Scootin' was designed for Chandail in Houston and will be a class there on May 20-21, 2016.  It has an open top and you can slip a vase down inside to hold your display. Various Texas icons embellish this design (I know, the saguaro is not native to Texas but I just had to add it). The picture doesn't show the shading break between the heel and the front of the boot but it is there.

Spaces are limited so be sure to give them a call, email  drop in to sign up.  I'd love to see you there.

Texas Boot Scootin'

Finally the time has arrived to begin sharing the Online Mystery Class Pillow Collage.  I feel I have waited an eternity to share this project with you! I am sharing a little earlier than normal because there are so many threads to gather and get prepared, plus a special option to consider!

Pillow Collage from the collection

I have fussed and fretted over threads and beads and such for weeks and weeks.  I have so many ideas that I want to share and I want you to be able to enjoy executing them.  As stated before, this class is divided into 6 lessons as the normal classes and has the same class fee of $150.  What is different is that we will  be posting a lesson every other month instead of every month.  This gives you 2 months to absorb and work on the areas covered (some areas are much larger than what we have worked on in prior Online Mystery Classes).  There is still time to register as the first class does not start until May 15! (For registration information see below.)

The first class with cover the background and one pillow. In this first session I am proposing an option for you.  A friend saw this piece 'floating in the air'.  So, we decided to have our pillows sit on a chest.  We will walk through the process of adding a chest if you so desire.  It is strictly a personal option. I think it added so much though and I love it even more this way.

Pillow Collection with altered canvas of added chest

Oh gosh, this is so fun!  Now that our pillows are seated down on a chest we feel better about them - again, this is a personal choice!

We will be using beautiful silks, beads, WireLace (registered trademark), ribbons, velvets, and some surprises along the way!  And. . . did you know there is a companion piece?  If you so choose you can stitch along on it as well.  Most techniques used for this piece can easily be used on the companion if desired.   
Pillow Collage Companion by the collection

Get those threads together and ready for Lesson 1 on May 15.  If you want to add the chest you have time to get that in place too.

Lesson 5 of Cats in a Dinghy has been posted and it involved adding whiskers to the cats and stitching those precious little fishes!

Cats in a Dinghy by Annie Lane

Lesson 3 of Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories gave our Mr. Bunny a beautiful coat, a bountiful basket full of colorful eggs and a sweet hen to accompany him.

Lesson 6 of Cats in a Dinghy - oh my gosh! No. 6 already - on NO that means it is over - so sad to see them go -  and Lesson 4 of Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories will also be posted and we will share some photos of their progress after their posting. 


Here is a reminder of upcoming classes:

First Class Mid-July 
Happy Haunting Grounds by Eye Candy

First Class Mid-September
Robin Wreath by Melissa Prince

First Class Mid-November
Santa's Reward by Devon Needepoint

AND::::: don't forget our 'Special' Online Mystery Class _  _  _  _  _

First Class - TBA
Arctic Parade by Brenda Stoff - 2 sided!

For more details and to see the classes in que for 2017 scroll on down and look at older posts!

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  To register simply send me an email stating the class you are interested in and you will be added to the notification list:

Meanwhile go and stitch with a smile, enjoy the day God has given you and have fun - I am! 

The sudden lost of a fellow teacher, designer and lover of needlepoint - Caela Conn Tyler - reminds us how precious each day is and that it is a special gift not to be taken for granted.


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