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Here are copies of emails I forwarded to those who indicated an interest in signing up for this class.  Maybe others will benefit from my approach to how I handle extremely large canvases.

This is a large 37.25" x 30" canvas and questions were asked as to how I was going to manage stitching mine so I am trying to share that as I think it through.

This class is a "Special" Online Mystery Class for a couple of reasons.  First, it will not have a lesson posting schedule.  That means the classes are going to be sporadic - I'll post them when I get to them.  Second, the class can go as long as 2 years maybe - who knows?  And next, the lesson fee is $260 and will have at least 10 lessons posted.

Here's what I shared for those contemplating taking this wonderful class.  I'm sorry but I can't help but love, LOVE, LOVE that moose face!
I promised that I would share with you how I intend to set up my Arctic Parade Canvases (Brenda Stofft) to work on.  My canvas is 30” x 37.25”.  I chose to trim - explanation below.

First I have shown the canvas mounted as I will stitch.  I trimmed slightly to fit on 32” x 28” Evertites stretcher bars.  Now, Evertites come in longer sizes.  You could just as easily mount this canvas on 33” x 30” if desired.  I had to keep two things in mind.  One, even though I have long arms, I find the 28” height more than enough of a challenge. 

 (Please ignore that I sorta cut it a couple of canvas threads more than I should have at the bottom.  Brenda allows more than ample room on her designs.  I just got over eager and cut off more on the bottom end than necessary.)   As you can see from the top,even after trimming off several canvas threads I still had ample room - so I’ll do better on the second piece.

<IMG_0324.jpeg>        <IMG_0327.jpeg>

This face is way too cute!  Oh, I'm showing where I need to move my canvas over to the right a little more.

  Bottom - 

Second, my floor stand will only hold up to 32” width bars. These Evertite stretcher bars allow you to tighten the canvas as you go without needing to take out and reinstall tacks.

I need to reset my canvas - see how I got it a little close on the left when I still could have scooted it over 2-3 canvas threads to the right.  Will do that again after my thumbs recover.

Speaking of floor stands.  I use the K’s Creations Stowaway with the extension kit that allows for a wider width bar = thus the 32”.  One of the beauties of this floor stand is that it will fold up flat - with the canvas still mounted - and slide under the bed or stand up against the wall when not in use.

Any local needlepoint shop can order these items.  I am sure there are other alternative ways to work with this, but this is what works for me.

Bonnie and Evan are on alert at Evertites to make sure you do not have to wait an excessive length of time to get your bars  - - - - 
Few days later after mounted:

Couple of tips or thoughts after getting a million tacks into this sucker!

This is heavy!  What can I say.  This is heavy!

It was mentioned getting the 33” and 30” to fit the canvas and not cut it down (remember mine is 32” x 28”).  And that is a possibility.  If you are going to do this, again remember a couple of things.  The weight is one thing.  Most importantly for me is manageability.  As stated earlier, I have long arms and even with working half way up the canvas, turning it over to work the other half later, etc., that is a 15” reach on a 30” height bar and a 14” reach on a 28” height bar.  While that may not be bad for ten-fifteen minutes of stitching, it can become cumbersome after 45 minutes or so.  Just think this through for your particular situation. We all know that shops will gladly sell us anything we decide we want or order anything we want (that’s why we love our LNS) - just make sure that it is what you want and what will work for you.

              <space on back.jpg>                                          <mounted.jpeg>

         Here’s the space left on back with 32” so could possibly deal with 33” okay.


I guess what I’m trying to get you to do is analyze your stitching habits and explore the options that are available for your work station.  I have my K’s set up in front of a wing back chair that is in a corner - sorta out of the way.  I pass it every time I go into my office.  So, if the mood hits, I can stop and stitch a thread or 2 - or 10 (lol - you know how that goes! - lunch? what lunch?)  The pictures are in front of a recliner and the foot piece will fit between the legs of the stand - another option.  I don’t think it will work in my sofa area because I will be between my husband and the tv and we know how that goes too - right? (We are set up L-shaped and we are both in corners.)

             <seated 1.jpeg>          (Sandy Rodgers are you proud of my tacking? )                         <seated 2.jpeg>

I don’t know if you can see from the picture or not, but I stitch two-handed.  While it appears that my top hand is ‘okay’ mid-way the canvas, my bottom hand cannot reach comfortably and puts a real strain on my back - my right (bottom) hand is about at the puffins head maybe.  So when I am working on this guy I am going to try to give us some work to do in the middle and some more towards the bottom so we don’t work for long periods at the uncomfortable range of the canvas.  Notice I said I am going to try.

It is so hard for me not to start stitching this but I am waiting on a specially dyed thread for the sky area for us and I am dying!!!!!  And if you have taken a class from me before you’ll know that I generally try to start on the background so you have something to work on in between lessons, (uh Rebecca!) etc.  Backgrounds take up a lot of space and can be boring so if we tackle it first and get a head start, then we can jump back and forth as we move along through our lessons.  Are there moose in Montana ‘cause when I look at this piece my first thoughts were ‘big sky’ - isn’t that one of Montana’s nick names?

Okay, this is probably all I’ll bother you with at this time on this mailing because some are just pondering taking the class.  My next communications will be when I invoice and then the communication will be more private and detailed in the secret Facebook page.

Enjoy your week!

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