Saturday, December 12, 2015


It seems we just get started on an Online Mystery Class and boom!  it is over!  We just completed 6 months of fun stitches with colorful eggs and the most adorable little bunny head.

EASTER WREATH is an ABradley canvas and is obtainable through your LNS.  Stitch guide will be available on my website shortly.

We had so many fun techniques using great threads, fabulous embellishments and also needle felting. We covered quite a bit on this little guy!  But now it is time to say goodbye and move on to our next adventure.

As you've seen from previous pictures of EASTER BUNNY WITH MORNING GLORIES

and looking over the previous finished class your mind can be in a whirl visualizing what I am going to conjure up for this 'hip' guy (sorry I couldn't help myself).  Yes, there will be beads.  Yes, there will be ribbons.  Yes there will be ruching.  Yes there will be techniques and threads that are going to be fun and provide enjoyment as we go down this journey together.

Invoices have been sent out for this next class beginning mid-January 2016.  If you think you have enrolled in this class and you have not received an invoice, then I do not have you registered.  Please email me immediately so we can take care of it!  email:

Don't forget to scroll down through older posts to get upcoming class information.

Oh:  I noticed that is having a 30% sale on canvases so you might want to check and see if any of our upcoming class canvases might be available.

This is a very busy time of year for me and I'm not referring to Christmas festivities.  I am in the process of ordering materials for the TNNA Winter Market classes.  The are going to be great fun too.

Santa and Elf from Brenda Stofft

Potting Shed from The Point of it All

Coronation from Leigh Designs

Your LNS can order any of these canvases at the San Diego Market in January so let them know ahead of time if you want some.

Then a week after that market I am off to Callaway Gardens to teach my three classes so I am busily preparing kits for those:  Pumpkin Spiced Tea; Heloise Hooty and Beading for Needlework.

After that it will be time to kit and ship the Blue Bonnet classes - Pumpkin Spiced Tea and Boston Terrier Cocktail.

Then on to Oklahoma where we will be teaching the Crazy Needles Journey.

Crazy Needles Journey

Okay, I don't want to think any further ahead - I'm getting dizzy.

So, if you are bored and looking for something to do, you can join me in some of my face-to-face classes or/and you are always welcome to participate in our Online Mystery Classes.

Got to go now - spent way too much time typing and not stitching . . . . .

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