Sunday, November 29, 2015


Thanksgiving has come and gone for those of us in the U.S. who celebrate.  I fear, however, that the pounds will remain attached to my hips forever!  Next on our list here at Arthur Acres is Christmas.  We are trying to gear up enough energy to start the tree decorating and get things out.  With the years creeping in and family going separate ways we are putting out less and less each year.  I love Christmas decorations but my stamina is blocking some of my enthusiasm.  I do hope, however, that I can get my mantle in shape as I dearly love my fireplace and hubby keeps a fire going for me all the time that the weather permits (which for me is most of the time)!

(If you look really close to the right between the fire screen and the logs and straight down to the bottom of the picture - that is where my feet are propped up with my stitching stand on my left and I'm stitching away!)

But there seems to be no lack of enthusiasm or excitement when it comes to our Online Mystery Classes, commissioned Stitch Guides, and model stitching in general.  I actually begrudge getting tired and sleepy and needing to quit at days end.  I suppose I might be addicted - you think?

Great news for some of you class participants - I understand that ABC Stitch Therapy in Texas has all her canvases, etc., marked at 20% off through December 2.  You might want to check if you do not have your canvas for any of the upcoming classes - she just might have it.   If not, ask if the discount extends to items ordered - I do not know the answer to that but probably not as most sales are for inventory reduction at this time of year -  Tell her you are needing it for a Sandy Arthur class.  She also has most threads that the designs require because I picked up several when I was there a few weeks ago so you could share the materials list with her as well.

Speaking of which - just a quick reminder that the next, upcoming new Online Mystery Class taking registration is the wonderful Brenda Stofft Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories - B-303.

Stitches have been determined, threads have been selected, unique specialty beads are being distributed to those who asked, and actual model stitching is underway.  It is always so exciting to start a new canvas!  Remember I'm an addict!

The invoices for this class have been/are being distributed.  Payment is due December 15, 2015.  The first class is scheduled to begin mid-January 2016 - I can't wait ! ! !

If you think you are signed up for this class and have not received an invoice, contact me right away at email as I may not have you listed.

If you still want to sign up for this class, contact me right away at  There is still time.

If you have not ordered your canvas now is the time to seriously consider doing so if you want to get it in time for the first lesson - it is very tight time wise at this point and you may have to wait a week or two to start stitching.

If you want more particulars, email me at, or scroll down through the older posts here back several weeks and review the information.

Also, with Thanksgiving just behind us, there has been some buzz about the upcoming class of the Melissa Shirley Thanksgiving Critters, which I refer to as Autumn Critters as it is not limited to Thanksgiving at all.

Several new people are signing up for this class which is scheduled to begin mid-March 2016.  Invoices will be sent out the first part of February 2016.  If interested send me an email at

Lurking in the background is (or should that be are?) kit preparations.  I am putting together kits for the TNNA Market San Diego, Callaway Gardens, Blue Bonnet Retreat, and ANG Oklahoma Chapter for January and February.  It is hard to believe it is almost time!  Here's some pictures of upcoming classes but I don't know how to line them up across the page in a pretty fashion - they just go where they want to go!   Urgh!


That's enough for today.  I must get back to stitching - and, yes, I do so with a smile - either physically or mentally.


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