Friday, June 12, 2015


I am amazed when I see someone post that they have finished a project and have no idea where to begin looking for a new project to start, or where to purchase a canvas, get assistance, find threads, etc.  I know that it can be rather intimidating for a beginning stitcher, but in this day and age with the Internet search capabilities, it should be relatively easy for someone to find these resources within a certain geographical range of their home base.

BUT, for those who don't want to wander out, or who cannot do so, because of various personal reasons - the hour of the day when they have that window for self-playing, mobility issues, transportation issues, etc., we have a partial answer.  ONLINE MYSTERY CLASSES!

Those of you who follow me know that I am having a ball and I think most of my students enjoy the adventure as well.

As we hit the halfway mark of the current class, HARVEST,  we are gearing up to begin the next new adventure of EASTER WREATH.  Those signed up should have ordered their canvases by now and probably are gathering up their threads and materials list.  The posting of Lesson 1 for this class is scheduled for mid-July!  Not that far away.  (Yes, you can still register by contacting me at Scroll down through earlier postings for more details on this canvas.

So while we are comfortable with knowing that everything is set up and ready to go for this fun canvas, from this end, we can now begin concentrating on the next class for those seeking a differently themed adventure.

We have an exclusive design for Duo Designs, Inc., painted by Leigh Designs.  Beijing Butterflies is filled with different technique and thread/material possibilities.

This 10" x 10" design on a cut 18ct canvas of 14" x 14" is very elegant.  We are going to be working with ribbon, beads, crystals, silks, metallics and more.  We will split, buttonhole, weave, bargello, or nue` and who knows what else?  

This class is made up of 6 online lessons posted monthly to a secret Facebook Page that only members can access.  The 6 lessons are invoiced through PayPal for a 6-lesson packet of $150.  Participants may pay through PayPal or send personal checks.  

Once the payment is processed, the participant will receive an invitation to join the secret Facebook Page and they need to accept this invitation in order to receive the lessons.  But better yet, you will get to enjoy the ongoing discussions that add so much more to the classes.

Note:  Lessons posted on the Online Mystery Classes are much more in-depth than are the published commercial stitch guides.  Online we have the freedom to post many more work-in-progress photos, etc., than space allows to provide an economically priced commercial stitch guide. And participants share their progress and questions as well.

Registration is now open for Beijing Butterflies.  To register simply send and email to and provide a viable email address for communication.  

The exclusive canvases must be ordered through The Needle Works, Austin, TX.  The canvas can only be purchased by individuals registered for this class. 

Resources for select shops that will be providing thread kits (when completed) for those interested will be posted in the secret Facebook Page. 

The first lesson will be posted mid-August.

Won't you come join us?  It will be a fantastic journey:  you'll learn different techniques and approaches to canvas areas and you're guaranteed to add new friends and acquaintances that share the same passion that is dear to all of us!

In the meantime, remember to stitch with a smile!


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