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When I started working on this post I thought of the movie 'Home Alone' - don't ask me why because I have never even seen the movie.  But I was sitting here thinking how fortunate I am to be able to travel and attend many stitching gatherings - true, I am working and teaching - but I am still exposed to others and it is just as exciting (or maybe more so) for me to share my love as it is for me to actually be able to do it.  I also was thinking back to my childhood and how and where I was raised (in a holler in Logan County, WV) and I never heard of needlepoint, much less the idea of classes, etc.  I did crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, etc. but we took someone's doily, looked at it, and that was our pattern - we figured it out, how many double crochets, single, chains, etc.  I was a married adult before I learned there were such things as written patterns!  Threads?  Oh my gosh, we had floss and Red Heart yarn!  That was it.  We could get it when we went to town once a month.

Today we are blessed with technology such that if I were back at my home place I could be exposed to these wonderful adventures without ever leaving the house.  While I say we are blessed, there are still so many who do not have the luxury - and, yes, it is truly a luxury - of a local needlepoint shop, much less abundant shops such as in the Houston area.  But just because there are those who do not have that luxury, technology has narrowed that gap and provides a venue for people with the passion to be able to participate in this wonderful art and share by communicating back and forth even though they may not have the means to travel, the time to do so, or the freedom from obligations of family and work.

My Online Classes allow me to share my love with yet another group of individuals - many of whom have no way of taking classes otherwise.  And oh what wonderful people I am meeting and some, through repeated class participations,  I feel, have become friends although I may never meet them face-to-face.  And they have met other friends through those participating as well.

We run the gamut of ages, ethnics,  cultures, experiences, economies, education levels, and on and on.  However, we are all one in these classes because we are bound together by a common bond and passion.  We are not judgmental (or at least I am not aware of that trait being present).  We are not critical.  We are all here to learn (and yes, I, too, learn something new constantly) and help each other overcome an obstacle that might be in the way of our conquering another phase of our precious art. It might be matching a thread dye lot for the project, trying a certain stitch a different way, or sharing an experience brought about by a beloved pet.  Or, we may be here just because we love the design.  Or, we may be here just because we want to be; we know that those in the group totally understand where we are coming from because we all have that common thread, no matter how thin, or else we would not be here!

As stated before, we are taking enrollments currently for two wonderful upcoming classes.  The next one was not originally planned but I just could not resist Easter Wreath.  I try to keep designs that will appeal to a broad interest range but every now and then I just have to throw in one that might have a more limited interest.  While this is entitled Easter Wreath I see it as just a happy, spring accent that offered many opportunities.

Can you see them?  The first major technique I saw was needle felting.  How else can we do the bunny?  Many other ways, but this is a teaching piece and I am sharing the needle felting technique on this one.  Beading?  I see a couple of beading techniques to share.  Plaids? Ruching?  Bullions?  Adding ribbon?  Adding sequins?  And many different stitches using many different threads. The design area is hand painted and  is approximately 9" x 9" on 18ct and each egg works up very quickly!

If you would like to participate in this class simply send me an email to register to  You purchase your canvas and threads (list provided)from your local needlepoint shop and pay a lesson fee of $150 for a 6-lesson packet.  Lessons are posted monthly through a secret Facebook Page.  First lesson will be posted mid-July so get that canvas ordered and join us!

The next class after this one is the originally scheduled one.  It is an exclusive design just for us painted by Leigh Richardson of Leigh Designs. This means no one may purchase it for a year except if they are taking this class. Beijing Butterflies is so elegant and has so much to offer.

The hand painted design is approximately 10"x10" on 18 ct.  Oh my gosh the possibilities!  We are using silk ribbons, doing an or nue`variation technique, buttonholes, adding beads and crystals, how about thread painting?, satin stitches? and using beautiful silk threads as well as many other wonderful elements.  The first lesson for this Online Mystery will be posted mid-August.  You purchase the canvas from The Needle Works in Austin, Tx., and gather your supplies (a list is provided as well as information on shops that will be able to provide a thread kit should one be desired).  The 6-lesson packet is $150 and billed through PayPal.  Lessons are posted on a secret Facebook Page once a month.

To register just send email to me at and say you want to participate and you will receive additional information at that time.

Scroll through earlier postings to see some more details about these wonderful designs!

Please consider joining us!  I know you won't be sorry and I know you will enjoy the journey!


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