Friday, March 20, 2015

SPRING ! ! ? ? ! !

I heard a rumor that Spring might be on its way!  Oh joy! Oh joy!  We are so ready here at Arthur Acres!

In the meanwhile, our thoughts and fingers are turning towards fall and autumn.  The Online Mystery Class HARVEST is moving full speed ahead.

All participants should have received an invoice by now for the 6 Lesson Packet.  If you did not get yours please let me know right away.  Payments are being processed and invitations are going out to join the private Facebook Page.  As people are joining they are introducing themselves to each other. This is going to be a fun group.

Teresa, my partner in crime (aka daughter/business partner) is busily stitching the 13ct canvas model while a friend is trying to make sense out of my instructions on the 18ct canvas.  We are striving to have as many show-and-tell pictures of the work in progress to assist those who can grasp ideas better when they have a picture to see. Also, we want to make the experience of working on a painted canvas for the first time go a little smoother for those of you new to this process.

I just finished stitching the last model for the TNNA Summer Show that is being held in Columbus.  I won't be able to share it with you for a couple days yet as the designer hasn't seen it and she should get to see it first.  You will enjoy it I'm sure.  Just a few more days.  In the meanwhile, the other classes are already up on the TNNA Trade Show website so be sure to go look and sign up.  I'd love to have you there with us.

Getting ready for my pilot class in Boston, MA on  April 11 and 12 for the Pumpkin Spiced Tea class that will be taught at the EGA National Seminar in San Antonio, TX the last of October.

I'm very much looking forward to it and hoping that the snow/ice will be gone by then. 

I have a lot of stitch guides I'm working through for clients so hang in there, it won't be much longer.

So, enjoy the day and if you get to stitch remember to do so with a smile!


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