Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Territory!

Well I try not to stay stagnant too long.  I hate the saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks', so I try to avoid that label as much as possible - can't do too much about the old part.

So today I ventured out and set up private Facebook Pages for my Online Mystery Classes.  What fun it is turning out to be.  I was only going to set up a page for the next Online Mystery Class HARVEST but with some nudging, I set one up for the current Online Mystery Class MOD ORNAMENTS.  So far everyone seems to love it.

Yahoo! just wasn't doing it for us.  And, I had very little participation under that venue.  Hopefully there will be more back-and-forth interchange under this venue.  Everyone seems to be more comfortable with Facebook.

To help make the process of the online class flow more smoothly, it has been decided that we must charge an up front lump sum payment for the 6 monthly lessons.  Although a few people requested the individual payments, it seems that more and more prefer the one payment option.  We all have such busy lives that many get really frustrated at themselves if they forget to make the payment right away and so would rather just pay it and forget it.  

I will say that with the group of over 100 I have only had 4 lagers and they have been removed from the roster.  I think that is great.  I have personally met most of you through my traveling teaching engagements and I feel blessed to have such a fantastic group of people.  Most of you know my quirky sense of humor and just ignore me and go on.  Those of you who do not will eventually get it!

Those of you that I have not met personally, I sure hope I have the opportunity to do so.  But until that can happen, we will just have to meet online and work through the drawbacks that might be present, and these are very few and very minor.  Isn't it wonderful that stitchers from Australia, London, Canada, United States, etc., can all meet and share a class that otherwise could not happen? Through the Internet our world has become so small and manageable.  Isn't it wonderful that those who cannot travel for various reasons, health, financial, personal commitments, etc. can have this opportunity of being able to share our passion of the needle? It is almost like we are all there in the same room when several of us get going on a thread (fooled you didn't I, I sorta know what a thread in the technical term is na-na-a-na-na).

So, I am thrilled that I have been able to create a better way for us to share our Online Mystery Class lessons.  So many of you stepped up and offered suggestions and helpful hints that has made this accomplishment possible.  I certainly could not have done it by myself.

Now that we have a new 'chat' room, I can move on to my next task - teaching at Blue Bonnet Studio!  Isn't that great?  I leave early tomorrow morning and will share 4 days of classes with a roster of students that look as if I am going to have my hands full!  I'm up for the task however and am anxiously looking forward to it.

Those of you who are still considering the HARVEST Online Mystery Class, the doors are open and we welcome you with open arms.  You still have a month to decide, but don't hesitate too long.  To sign up just send an email to and tell me to register you for the class.  Remember that  HARVEST is a hand painted canvas and those things take times order soon.

Until next time, remember to stitch with a smile!


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