Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies - September 11, 2013 -  Rhodes Heart

The Rhodes stitch is always one of my favorites.  And, the Rhodes heart is right there on top.

Today I think the heart is very appropriate.  My heart aches for the terrible memories associated with this date.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those touched by the tragedy on 9-11-01, and isn't that really everyone? Today a friend posted the Budweiser commercial and it brought back stirring memories. I remember watching it as if it were yesterday.  I still talk about that commercial today and I still weep when trying to describe it. It is one of the most moving, if not the most moving, film clips I have every seen.

This is a great stitch to have just as a motif (teddy bear heart?), border, band, background, clothing, and on and on.  

Here is a copy of a real life application.  This is from a foot pad of Pinkletoes, a bunny class that I just taught at Seminar in Anaheim, CA.

Well, I'm off on the road again.  This time I am meeting with some friends and having just a knock-down-drag-out stitching lonnnnnggggg weekend!  YEAH!

Remember to stitch with a smile!  Until next week . . .


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