Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Whimsie - May 4, 2013

Oh my - MAY ???  Time is so flying out of my life.

This week I am sharing the Jacquard stitch.  It is a combination stitch of the byzantine plus a tent stitch.  This is a fun stitch to use when you need a variety of a bunch of stitches in one project - such as a pile of packages under a tree, several clothed persons, etc.

This stitch is easily adaptable to different canvas space availability.  The byzantine, which is made up of diagonal Gobelins, can cover more canvas threads, thereby, making the pattern larger.  If you want to make a huge pattern, you can even expand the byzantine further and make the tent stitch area into a diagonal Gobelin.  I would label this technique as a 'variation'.  

Threads are no issue.  Use of the same thread throughout will produce a very monochromatic stitch.  The byzantine section can be one thread color and the tent stitch section can be a second color.  Or, the tent stitch section can be a different texture such a metallic, fuzzy, bumpy, etc.  Beads are another great possibility.

Here's my sample that I will be placing in my notebook. This sample is on 14ct monocanvas.

The first section is strictly Silk 'n Ivory in Pumpkin #82; next is Silk 'n Ivory with Rainbow Gallery Tiara in a lime green - orange is also beautiful and keeps the monochromatic colors but adds some excitement; and, last is two colors of Silk 'n Ivory.

As always, experiment and have fun!

Be sure to check out the Yahoo Group page and post progress and photos.  Thanks to those of you who do actively participate.  I hate to be the only one that has to work!

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile!


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