Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies

Gosh!  It is hard to believe that it is Wednesday already.  And, I'll probably say that every week - sorry.

Did anyone notice last week that on my Double Brick stitch diagram that I skipped numbering one thread on the right?  Obviously not.  But I think it is easily figured out.

This week I'm providing another fairly simply stitch entitled Encroaching Gobelin.  I have also seen it referred to as Interlocking Gobelin.  By the way, most stitch names are not capitalized.  I just capitalize mine for this series to show what we are talking about and highlighting for the week.

The Encroaching Gobelin is one of those 'call on' stitches. When it seems nothing else will work it will generally fill the bill.  Notice that this is an oblique stitch.  It only covers 1 thread in width and 3 threads in height in this diagram.  The trick is on the second and returning rows. Notice that the stitch ends into the row above, or the last stitched row.  It is not sharing a hole with any other stitch. Generally you will need to 'scooch' (is that a WV term?) over the stitch that is in place so that you can see the hole into which you are to place the needle. Make sure the stitch is always on the same side of the stitch in the previous row. Also note that while the stitches are the exact same length (3 canvas threads) the second row appears shorter as it visibly only covers 2 canvas threads since it is 'encroaching' the row above for the third canvas thread.

This is an amazing stitch for backgrounds and large areas.  But, I think it shines for animal fur and beards.  Especially when you use a hairy thread such as a wool, Wisper, Fuzzy Stuff, etc.  The stitch placement actually disappears when used in this manner. 

Shading?  It is a great stitch to incorporate when blending colors from one value to another.  This stitch allows you to sneak a little of the new color right up into the current one with a gentle change instead of a stark change of going from one color to another.  Try it.

Okay, your new stitch will be posted in the Yahoo Group later today.  Right now, I'm going to go stitch my sample.

Have a great day and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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M&Co. said...

I really appreciate you doing this! I've not gotten started yet, but will try to get the supplies this weekend. I think this will help me because I tend to fall back on the same couple of stitches because they are comfortable and familiar and I would like to broaden my horizens. This should be an easy way to do that.