Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful day here in Kentucky.  Of course, most of you who know me personally know that to me every day is beautiful!  I appreciate each and every one with which I am blessed be it rainy, gray, cold (my least favorite), gloomy, sunshine, warm, and, yes, even hot!  (Does it ever get hot?)

I was sitting here playing with my Sample Stitches Notebook and saw a category that I did not include on my suggested list.  It is tips.  I will be providing some pages that are simple just plain ole tips!  So you might want to consider that as a possibility.  As you work through your stitches and you discover a category that just screams to you to be added, please share with the group.  That's what the Yahoo! Group is for - although seems I'm the only one talking over there.  Gets kinda lonely.

I also want to warn you that I am not providing these stitches in any particular order.  Some will be very simplistic to the seasoned stitcher but we must remember that we all had to learn at one time and it is critical that we provide a resource for our new, beginner stitchers.  Also, though, I am going to be sprinkling some more complex stitches along the way and I don't want to scare anyone off who might think that this is going to be difficult.  No stitch should be that difficult if broken down and taken one step at a time - cumbersome maybe, awkward maybe, challenging maybe, be attainable in the end.  Being impatient, I'm  afraid many of us look at the finished product and are too quick to say 'I'll never be able to do that.'  What a shame.  Have more confidence in yourself and give it a try.  That is one of the main purposes of this exercise - to get you to see a stitch through to the end and mount it on your notebook sheet..  Also, I'm a teacher, I am here for you.  If something doesn't come to you through the diagram, give me a call out and I'll break it down more verbally for you.  You can do this privately if you desire.

Today our younger granddaughter, Katie and our son are coming over to 'hang' out.  Is that a way of saying a free meal?  I'm not sure.  Anyway we are always thrilled when anyone comes.  We don't need to have a reason or do anything, just 'hang out.'  Of course knowing my son and husband, they'll be watching golf.  Lord only knows what Katie and I will get in to.  She likes to take a snooze so we'll see.  Her husband has some fraternity reunion game match of some type so who knows.  She is a school teacher  counselor for special children and their families and I know her work is stressful, so Mimaw's is a good place to 'hang out' without any pressure.

Me, of course I stitch no matter what.  I think if the president walked in and I wanted to stitch, I would do so.  That's just me. I'm finalizing some classes and lectures I'll be doing for San Bernardino this July.  Today I'm doing some more tassel embellishments to share with one of the three chapters I'll be visiting while there to teach a project (I'll share more on that in the next few days.)

I'm looking forward to the trip and know we will have fun.

Well, enjoy your day, I know that I am going to enjoy mine, and remember to

Stitch with a Smile!


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