Sunday, March 10, 2013

ANG Chicago Seminar 2014

Great news!  I have been selected to teach at ANG Seminar 2014 that is being held in Chicago.
Two pieces were chosen for a total of five days of classes.

The piece that is four-days in length is way too much fun!  Are you ready for this?  It is the sequel to To The Beach.  This design is Back to the Beach:  The Girls Reunited. 

As you can see, the years have not been overly kind to our beach gals. But physical appearances have not dampened their attitudes and enjoyment of life.

The next class is a one-day class that is really a workshop.  It is Beading for Needlework.

We'll have fun playing with different techniques and ways to enhance those ornaments and projects that are just screaming for some bling to be added.

As we get closer to Seminar 2014 we will be discussing these classes further.  I just wanted to tease you right now and warn you to start saving those nickels and dimes!

Until next time, be sure to Stitch with a Smile!


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